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Dion, Pieria: Quiz


Question 1: ________ was honored at the ancient city of Dion located at the foot of Mount Olympus.
ZeusCronusGreek mythologyApollo

Question 2: Pandermalis of the ________ has conducted archaeological research in the city.
Université catholique de LouvainQueen's University BelfastAristotle University of ThessalonikiKatholieke Universiteit Leuven

Question 3: Dion is the site of a large temple dedicated to Zeus, as well as a series of temples to Demeter and to Isis (the Egyptian goddess was a favorite of ________).
French languageSpanish languageAlexanderPortuguese language

Question 4: Dion (Greek, Modern: Δίο Dio, Ancient/Katharevousa Δίον Dion) is a municipality and village in the Prefecture of Pieria, Macedonia, ________, best known for its archaeological site and archaeological museum.

Question 5: SW of Katerini, 425 km to the north of ________ and 65 km to the north of Larissa.

Question 6: The municipality is called "Dimos Diou" or the "Municipality of Dion", and the administrative center is in the village of ________.
Dion, PieriaKateriniKondariotissaThessaloniki


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