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Question 1: A dinghy is a type of small ________, often carried or towed by a larger vessel.
BoatTraditional fishing boatsShipHull (watercraft)

Question 2: Some ________ have a rigid deck and transom which allows an engine to be used for propulsion.
TorpedoRigid-hulled inflatable boatSubmarineInflatable boat

Question 3: Because the smaller sailing dinghy responds more quickly to maneuvers, it is more suitable for beginner training in sailing than full-sized ________.
SailboatFore-and-aft rigSloopBermuda sloop

Question 4: A small ________ can be used to allow the crew of the dinghy to fish or rest.
HawserAnchorHawseholeDeck (ship)

Question 5: Traditionally it toggles to the fender-rope or is suspended from the gunter (small folding mast) but can also be tied to a few points and secured with snaps or ________.

Question 6: ________ are sharp-ended boats traditionally made of wood but now also produced in fiberglass or aluminum.
DoryFishing vesselTraditional fishing boatsBanks dory

Question 7: Utility dinghies are usually rowboats or have an ________, but some are rigged for sailing.
Four-stroke engineTwo-stroke engineCarburetorOutboard motor


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