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Question 1: They were not present in traditional Dimotiki and only entered the modern language through Katharevousa (sometimes as ________), where they are used mostly in writing (for instance, in newspapers), but also orally.
NeologismNonce wordEuphemismAcronym and initialism

Question 2: Dimotiki (Greek: δημοτική [γλώσσα] IPA: [ðimotiˈci], "[language] of the people") or demotic is the modern vernacular form of the ________.
GreeceGreeksGreek diasporaGreek language

Question 3: [1] Dimotiki refers particularly to the form of the language that evolved naturally from ________, in opposition to the artificially archaic Katharevousa, which was the official standard until 1976.
Ancient GreekAeolic GreekAttic GreekDoric Greek

Question 4: Dimotiki is often thought to be the same as the ________ language, but these two terms are not completely synonymous.
Greek languageAncient GreekGreek alphabetModern Greek

Question 5: The two complemented each other in a typical example of diglossia until the resolution of the ________ in favour of Dimotiki.
Greek language questionProto-Greek languageGreek alphabetGreeklish


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