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Question 1: In a ________ you have 4 notes which are each a successive minor third apart, leading to minimal transposition.
Quartal and quintal harmonyDiminished seventh chordChord (music)Augmented sixth chord

Question 2: In ________ a diminution is a division, rather than a diminishing is a prolongation or expansion, "the process by which an interval formed by notes of longer value is expressed in notes of smaller value," see nonchord tone.
TonalitySonata formSchenkerian analysisChord (music)

Question 3: An interval is diminished if a minor or perfect interval is narrowed by a ________.
Perfect fourthInterval (music)SemitoneOctave

Question 4: Thus a ________ interval, for example, is a chromatic semitone narrower than the perfect fifth.
Perfect fourthDiminished thirdTritoneInterval (music)

Question 5: From the diminished scale you can form a diminished triad chord by using the A, C, and E (root, minor third, ________).
Interval (music)Perfect fourthTritoneSemitone


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