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Question 1: This use of the digression is still noticeable in many ________: after the topic, the speaker will introduce a "story" that seems to be unrelated, return to the subject, and then reveal that the story illustrates the speaker's point.
SermonProtestant ReformationCatholic ChurchChristianity

Question 2: The novels of Tolstoi, J.D. Salinger, Marcel Proust, ________, Milan Kundera and Robert Musil are also full of digressions.
June MillerBeat GenerationHenry MillerAller Retour New York

Question 3: In Classical rhetoric since Corax of Syracuse, especially in ________ of Quintilian, the digression was a regular part of any oration or composition.
QuintilianRoman EmpireAugustusTacitus

Question 4: Quintilian, ________, vol IV.
TacitusQuintilianRoman EmpireAugustus

Question 5: Digression (parekbasis in Greek, egressio, digressio and excursion in ________) is a section of a composition or speech that is an intentional change of subject.
LatinOld LatinRoman EmpireVulgar Latin


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