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Question 1: The classic ________ claims that any computer as powerful as a Turing machine can, in principle, calculate anything that a human can calculate, given enough time.
AlgorithmHalting problemChurch–Turing thesisAlan Turing

Question 2: Known physical laws (including ________ and its continuous spectra) are very much infused with real numbers and the mathematics of the continuum.
Introduction to quantum mechanicsSchrödinger equationQuantum mechanicsWave–particle duality

Question 3: The critics of digital physics—including physicists[citation needed] who work in ________—object to it on a several grounds.
Quantum mechanicsIntroduction to quantum mechanicsWave–particle dualitySchrödinger equation

Question 4: Given such assumptions, the universe can be conceived as either the output of some computer program or as being some sort of vast digital computation device (or, at least, mathematically ________ to such a device).
IsomorphismVector spaceEquivalence relationBinary relation

Question 5: Essentially ________ (although not every informational ontology need be digital);
Systems engineeringElectrical engineeringArtificial intelligenceInformation

Question 6: [6] These authors hold that the apparently ________ nature of quantum physics is not necessarily incompatible with the notion of computability.
StatisticsFrequency probabilityProbabilityRandom variable

Question 7: In physics and ________, digital physics is a collection of theoretical perspectives that start by assuming that the universe is, at heart, describable by information, and is therefore computable.
CosmologyNon-standard cosmologyPhysical cosmologyIslamic cosmology

Question 8: Before symbolic computation, a number—in particular a real number, one with an infinite number of digits— was said to be computable if a ________ will continue to spit out digits endlessly.
Finite-state machineTuring machineAutomata theoryContext-free grammar

Question 9: Every ________ must obviously be compatible with the principles of information theory, statistical thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics.
Central processing unitPersonal computerComputerLinux

Question 10: For example, the reasoning leading to systems of ________ and the conclusion that the Planck length is a minimum meaningful unit of distance suggests that at some level space itself is quantized[22].
Planck unitsStoney scale unitsNatural unitsMeasurement

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