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Digital cable: Quiz


Question 1: Customers were increasingly interested in more channels, ________ programming, digital music services, and high speed internet services.
Pay-per-viewMSG NetworkPRISM (TV channel)Fox Sports West and Prime Ticket

Question 2: In 1989, General Instrument (which was later acquired by ________) demonstrated that it was possible to convert an analog cable signal to digital and transmit it in a standard 6-MHz television channel.
Caterpillar Inc.Sears Holdings CorporationBoeingMotorola

Question 3: Most digital cable providers use QAM for video services and ________ standards for data services.
EthernetVoice over Internet ProtocolCable modemDOCSIS

Question 4: See: ________.
North American broadcast television frequenciesTelevision channel frequenciesNorth American cable television frequenciesNTSC

Question 5: The ________ include a provision for 16-VSB transmission over cable at 38.4 Mbit/s, but the encoding has not yet gained wide acceptance.
Digital Video BroadcastingISDBATSC (standards)Broadcast flag

Question 6: Digital cable is a generic term for any type of ________ distribution using digital video compression or distribution.
Satellite televisionIPTVShaw DirectCable television

Question 7: Some providers have also begun to roll out video services using ________ or Switched video technologies.
IPTVFree (ISP)Satellite televisionTele2

Question 8: In the U.S., digital cable systems with 750 MHz or greater activated channel capacity are required to comply with a set of SCTE and CEA standards, and to provide ________ to customers that request them.
CableCARDBroadcast flagDigiCipher 2OpenCable Application Platform


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