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Question 1: More recently invented, a ________ modulates an analog "carrier" signal (such as sound) to encode binary electrical digital information, as a series of binary digital sound pulses.
Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexingModemDial-up Internet accessWi-Fi

Question 2: Noise can have several causes: data transmitted wirelessly, such as by ________, may be received inaccurately, suffer interference from other wireless sources, or pick up background noise from the rest of the universe.
RadioAmateur radioMicrowaveRadio broadcasting

Question 3: ________ comprises a long sequence of four digits (denoted A, C, G, and T), effectively a base-four numeral system.

Question 4: The word digital comes from the same source as the word digit and digitus (the ________ word for finger), as fingers are used for discrete counting.
Vulgar LatinOld LatinLatinRoman Empire

Question 5: Language: All digital communications require a ________, which in this context consists of all the information that the sender and receiver of the digital communication must both possess, in advance, in order for the communication to be successful.

Question 6: For devices with only a few switches (such as the buttons on a ________), the status of each can be encoded as bits (usually 0 for released and 1 for pressed) in a single word.
JoystickVideo gameVideo game consoleGame controller

Question 7: The symbol is then encoded, or converted into a number, based on the status of modifier keys and the desired ________.
Character encodingASCIIUTF-8Unicode

Question 8: ________(FHSS)
Chirp spread spectrumTime-hoppingFrequency-hopping spread spectrumDirect-sequence spread spectrum

Question 9: "sound" and "silence") on magnetic cassette tape for use with early ________.
Personal computerHome computerMicrocomputerMicrocontroller

Question 10: When a new symbol has been entered, the device typically sends an ________ to alert the CPU to read it.
Process management (computing)Operating systemDevice driverInterrupt

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