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Digimon Battle Spirit: Quiz


Question 1: His digivolution is ________, and can be unlocked when beating the game with 2 different characters.
PatamonVeemonDigimon Adventure 02BlackWarGreymon

Question 2: ________: A slow, yet very offensively oriented Digimon.
Digimon Adventure 02AgumonDigimon World 3Gabumon

Question 3:
Digimon Battle Spirit, Super Mario Bros. and Doom (video game) are all:
Game Boy Advance games Digimon video games Dimps games Fighting games

Question 4: ________: Somewhat weak physically, but is very quick on his feet.
Digimon TamersGuilmonHypnos (Digimon)Renamon

Question 5: ________: Powerful and quick, but with limited attacks.
ImpmonHypnos (Digimon)GuilmonDigimon Tamers

Question 6:
Digimon Battle Spirit, Tetris and Final Fantasy IV are all:
Dimps games WonderSwan Color games Fighting games Digimon video games

Question 7:
Digimon Battle Spirit, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are all:
Game Boy Advance games Digimon video games Fighting games Dimps games

Question 8: As the player advances through each stage, they will occasionally have to battle a character named ________.
Hypnos (Digimon)Digimon TamersImpmonGuilmon

Question 9: ________: A virus version of Agumon, with a slower, more powerful normal attack.
Digimon Data SquadDigimon AdventureDigimonList of Digimon

Question 10: Her special attack is Fox Leaf Arrowhead (Diamond Storm), and she digivolves into ________.
RenamonTerriermonDigimon TamersGuilmon


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