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DigiCube: Quiz


Question 1: At its peak in ________, DigiCube recorded sales of 8.6 million units, equalling ¥46.8 billion JPY.

Question 2: Only four books were published: the first was dedicated to Xenogears and printed in October ________ in Japan.

Question 3: One book dedicated to SaGa Frontier 2 and another one dedicated to Front Mission 3 were released in ________.

Question 4: Ultimania (アルティマニア Arutimania ?, a ________ of ultimate and mania)[2] is a series of video game guides originally published in Japan by DigiCube.
Humpty DumptyBlendPortmanteauSupercouple

Question 5: DigiCube served as a wholesaler to distributors, and was noteworthy for pioneering the sale of video games in Japanese ________ and vending machine kiosks.
SheetzConvenience store7-ElevenWawa (convenience store)

Question 6: The primary purpose of DigiCube was to market and distribute Square products, most notably video games and related merchandise, including toys, ________, and compact discs.

Question 7: (株式会社デジキューブ; Kabushiki-gaisha Dejikyūbu) was a Japanese company established as a subsidiary of software developer Square on February 6, 1996 and headquartered in ________.
BeijingTokyoGreater Tokyo AreaMinato, Tokyo

Question 8: The last book was dedicated to ________ and was released in 2001.
The BouncerEhrgeizTobal No. 1Final Fantasy


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