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Dig Out Your Soul: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following genres does Dig Out Your Soul produce?

Question 2:
Who wrote Dig Out Your Soul?
N. Gallagher
Gabrielle, Richard Stannard, Julian Gallagher
Gabrielle, Julian Gallagher
Pat Gallagher

Question 3:
What proceeded Dig Out Your Soul?
"Funkytown" by Lipps Inc
Let's Talk About Love by Celine Dion
Perfect Symmetry by Keane

Question 4:
What album was released before Dig Out Your Soul?
Reason to Believe
Do You Believe in Magic
Don't Believe the Truth
Simply Believe

Question 5:
What type is thing is Dig Out Your Soul?

Question 6:
Which of the following labels did Dig Out Your Soul work with?
Quest / Warner Brothers
Big Brother, Sony BMG , Reprise
75 or Less RecordsnBrother & Brother Records

Question 7:
Which of the following titles did Dig Out Your Soul have?
The Shock of the Lightning video
Down In the Mission
Howard Chaykin

Question 8:
How long is Dig Out Your Soul?
4:35 n4:52
4:35 ; 7:15
4:13, 4:35

Question 9: I think since ________ we've been trying to prove a point of just bass, drums, guitar and vocals and nothing fancy.
Dig Out Your Soul(What's the Story) Morning Glory?Standing on the Shoulder of GiantsDon't Believe the Truth

Question 10: ________ (4.9/10) link
Pitchfork Music FestivalThe Pitchfork 500Pitchfork MediaDon't Look Back (concert series)


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