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Diffusion: Quiz


Question 1: On larger length scales, transport in liquids and gases is normally due to another transport phenomenon, ________.

Question 2: The paradigmatic examples were heat diffusion, molecular diffusion and ________.
Brownian motionRandom walkItō diffusionWiener process

Question 3: ________, diffusion of thermal energy
Heat equationPartial differential equationDirac delta functionEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspace

Question 4: Applications outside physics were pioneered by ________ who in 1900 used a random walk model to describe price fluctuations on financial markets.
Henri PoincaréPaul Pierre LévyCarl Friedrich GaussLouis Bachelier

Question 5: ________ diffusion, resulting in an electric current called the diffusion current.
ElectronicsElectronic engineeringEngineeringElectrical engineering

Question 6: Their mathematical description was elaborated by Joseph Fourier in 1822, Adolf Fick in 1855 and by ________ in 1905.
Albert EinsteinIsaac NewtonScientific methodRelationship between religion and science

Question 7: In a less quantitative way, the concept of diffusion is invoked in the social sciences to describe the spread of ideas (________, Lexical diffusion, Trans-cultural diffusion).
Central mediaHierarchical incompetenceDiffusion of innovationsInformation Routing Group

Question 8: In contrast, ________ through solid media is an everyday occurrence (e.g.
Conduction (heat)R-value (insulation)Heat transferThermal conductivity

Question 9: ________ is observed in molecules that are so large that they are not driven by their own thermal energy but by collisions with solvent particles.
Brownian motionWiener processRandom walkItō diffusion

Question 10: Gaseous diffusion, used for ________
Nuclear reactor technologyEnriched uraniumIsotope separationUranium


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