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Diffraction: Quiz


Question 1: All these effects are a consequence of the fact that light propagates as a ________.

Question 2: While diffraction occurs whenever propagating waves encounter such changes, its effects are generally most pronounced for waves where the ________ is on the order of the size of the diffracting objects.
WavelengthElectronElectromagnetic radiationLight

Question 3: In object space, the corresponding ________ is
Lens (optics)Optical telescopeAngular resolutionAiry disk

Question 4: The ________ specifies that two point sources can be considered to be resolvable if the separation of the two images is at least the radius of the Airy disk, i.e.
Lens (optics)Optical telescopeAngular resolutionAperture

Question 5: Google Maps and Bing Maps - Aerial photo of waves diffracting through sea barriers at Sea Palling in ________, UK.

Question 6: where λ is the wavelength of the light and N is the ________ (focal length divided by diameter) of the imaging optics.
F-numberHolographyApertureExposure (photography)

Question 7: The light diffracted by a grating is found by summing the light diffracted from each of the elements, and is essentially a ________ of diffraction and interference patterns.
Vector spaceDirac delta functionFourier transformConvolution

Question 8: The light is not focused to a point but forms an ________ having a central spot in the focal plane with radius to first null of
Angular resolutionLens (optics)OpticsAiry disk

Question 9: The ________ which is observed when laser light falls on an optically rough surface is also a diffraction phenomenon.
Near and far fieldSpeckle patternWavelengthIsaac Newton

Question 10: The ________ which is seen when using a laser pointer is another diffraction phenomenon.
Speckle patternNear and far fieldWavelengthIsaac Newton


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