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Question 1: DEC is an inhibitor of ________ metabolism in filarial microfilaria.
ProstaglandinEicosapentaenoic acidEicosanoidArachidonic acid

Question 2: DEC is indicated for treatment of individual patients with certain filarial ________.

Question 3: In cases of ________, another common filarial parasite, the drug is not used.
ConjunctivitisHerpetic keratoconjunctivitisOnchocerciasisTrachoma

Question 4: These diseases include: lymphatic filariasis caused by infection with Wuchereria bancrofti, ________, or Brugia timori; tropical pulmonary eosinophilia, and loiasis.
ToxocariasisPinwormBrugia malayiHookworm

Question 5: It is a synthetic ________ which is highly specific for several parasites and does not contain any toxic metallic elements.
Organic compoundBiochemistryCarbonOrganic chemistry

Question 6: DEC is also used in the prevention of dog ________ Dirofilaria immitis.
CatDirofilaria immitisParasitismRabies


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