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Dietary mineral: Quiz


Question 1: ________ has been described as conditionally essential, depending upon the importance placed upon the prevention of chronic disease.
FluorideFluoride poisoningSodium fluorideFluorine

Question 2: The term "mineral" is archaic, since the intent of the definition is to describe ions (________), not chemical compounds or actual minerals.

Question 3: Relatively large quantities of sulfur are required, but there is no RDA,[6] as the sulfur is obtained from and used for ________, and therefore should be adequate in any diet containing enough protein.
MetabolismL-DOPAAmino acid synthesisAmino acid

Question 4: [8][9] It is implicated in sugar metabolism in humans, leading to a market for the supplement ________, but definitive biochemical evidence for a physiological function is lacking.
InsulinGlucoseChromium(III) picolinateChromium deficiency

Question 5: The dietary focus on dietary minerals derives from an interest in supporting ________ reactions with the required elemental components.
ProteinBiochemistryMetabolismAmino acid

Question 6: Sometimes dietary minerals are ingested as part of ________, the most common being iodine in iodized salt.
Dietary supplementVitaminHerbalismWolfberry

Question 7: Dietary minerals are the chemical elements required by living organisms, other than the four elements ________, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen present in common organic molecules.

Question 8: ________ highlighting dietary minerals
Periodic table (standard)Noble gasPeriodic table (large version)Periodic table

Question 9: ________ may recommend that dietary minerals are best supplied by ingesting specific foods rich with the element(s) of interest.
DietitianEmergency medical servicesRadiologic technologistPharmacy

Question 10: ________ is required in the synthesis of vitamin B12, but because bacteria are required to synthesize the vitamin, it is usually considered part of vitamin B12 deficiency rather than its own mineral deficiency.


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