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Question 1: This usually involves consuming ________ by eating the appropriate amounts from all of the food groups, including an adequate amount of water.
Dietary mineralNutrientNutritionOxygen

Question 2: Proper nutrition requires the proper ingestion and equally important, the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and food energy in the form of ________, proteins, and fats.

Question 3: Dietary habits and choices play a significant role in ________ and mortality, and can also define cultures and play a role in religion.
HealthHealth scienceNutritionMedicine

Question 4: For around 20% of the human population, lack of food and ________ are the main impediments to healthy eating.
VitaminMalnutritionICD-10 Chapter IV: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseasesObesity

Question 5: [2] The ________ movement attempts to counter this trend and to preserve traditional diets.
United StatesItalyLocal foodSlow Food

Question 6: An ________ is a mental disorder that interferes with normal food consumption.
Alzheimer's diseasePsychosisEating disordersPsychiatry

Question 7: A healthy diet is one that is arrived at with the intent of improving or maintaining optimal ________.
HealthNutritionMedicineHealth science

Question 8: Throughout history and in contemporary life, poverty is often associated with the inability to afford meat, or with ________.
VitaminICD-10 Chapter IV: Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseasesMalnutritionObesity

Question 9: ________ is another contemporary trend.
EnzymeRaw foodismCookingRaw animal food diets

Question 10: These diets are often recommended in conjunction with ________.
Major depressive disorderPhysical exerciseObesityStrength training


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