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Dieppe Raid: Quiz


Question 1:
Who was a commander in the Dieppe Raid?
J. H. Roberts
William H. Rupertus,
Adm. J. C. Tovey
Brigadier J. Anstice, DSO

Question 2: Several platoons of the ________ were also employed at Blue Beach; some of their casualties were suffered in a grenade-priming accident on the transport ships during the channel crossing.
Argyll and Sutherland HighlandersColdstream GuardsRoyal ScotsBlack Watch

Question 3:
When was the Dieppe Raid?

Question 4:
Who of the following was a child of Dieppe Raid?
Prince Friedrich Christian of Prussia
Princess Alexandra Maria of Prussia
Maru00EDa de la Luz

Question 5:
How many casualties were there in the Dieppe Raid?
United Kingdom:
2 United Nations observers wounded
United Kingdom: 16,552 dead or wounded
United Kingdom: 16 killed

Question 6: The ________ liberated Dieppe, and held a victory parade shortly afterwards, in the first week of September 1944.
The Calgary HighlandersII Canadian Corps2nd Canadian Infantry DivisionFalaise pocket

Question 7:
Where did Dieppe Raid take place?
Dieppe, France
Between Soissons and Reims, France
near Metz, France
Clichy and Montmartre in Paris, France

Question 8:
What was Dieppe Raid a part of?
the Second World War
the Burma Campaign of World War II
the Second Intifada
Second Air Force

Question 9: One example of this retrospective justification was the presence by 1943 of 33 divisions on the ________.
Hobart's FunniesAtlantic WallNormandy LandingsOperation Overlord

Question 10: The catastrophe at Dieppe later influenced Allied preparations for Operation Torch and ________.
Operation OverlordNormandy LandingsWestern Front (World War II)Operation Market Garden


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