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Diegesis: Quiz


Question 1: Titles, subtitles, and ________ narration (with some exceptions) are also non-diegetic.
Voice-overHank AzariaVoice actingDan Castellaneta

Question 2: Bond (________) comments, "That's a charming tune!"
Roger MooreJames Bond (film series)For Your Eyes Only (film)Sean Connery

Question 3: In the 2007 film Atonement the score is to a great extent made up of ________ scoring combined with typewriter ticking.
TimpaniVibraphonePercussion instrumentPiano

Question 4: Often, characters are shown typing on a typewriter in ________ with the music or playing a few notes on a piano and then stop, with the music stopping at the same time creating an interesting effect.
RhythmMusical notationMeter (music)Time signature

Question 5: However, when the camera cuts to the control room of Truman's artificial world, we see that the mood music is being played by ________ standing at a bank of keyboards.
Einstein on the BeachSteve ReichPhilip GlassPierre Boulez

Question 6: The audience is then forced to abandon one form of ________ (i.e.
Narrative modeCrime fictionSuspension of disbeliefPoetry

Question 7: In ________, a sequence shows the characters at night, when most of them are sleeping.
Forrest Gump (film)Witness (1985 film)Dead Poets SocietyThe Truman Show

Question 8: Discussion of non-diegetic information by role-playing characters comprises much of the humor in the comic strip ________.
Characters of the Order of the StickWizard (Dungeons & Dragons)The Order of the StickWizards of the Coast

Question 9: In ________ diegesis includes all the "in-game" parts of the story, both those that are and aren't actually played out.
Role-playing gameLive action role-playing gameRole-playing game (pen and paper)Role-playing game terms

Question 10: For example, in ________, the song "Do-Re-Mi" is diegetic, since the characters are aware they are singing.
My Fair LadySouth Pacific (musical)The King and IThe Sound of Music


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