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Question 1: However, perhaps the most obvious and consistent features of that portfolio, given Dido's remarks in 2005 about her appearance, were glimpses, with at least four different outfits, of her black ________.

Question 2: The Dido flip is a female ________ of the early twenty-first century in imitation of the singer and songwriter Dido Armstrong.
CosmeticsHair conditionerHairstyleHair removal

Question 3: In 2006 she remarked, of suggestions that she was a "________", "I just make music and don't pay much attention to all that".
Gisele B√ľndchenNaomi CampbellMadonna (entertainer)Sex symbol

Question 4: Photographs of Dido published in November 2008 with her third album, ________, showed a version of the flip that was slightly longer and shaggier than before.
Dido discographyDido (singer)Life for RentSafe Trip Home

Question 5: The flip was sported for a time by Chelsea Clinton, daughter of the former US President ________,[2 ] at the time of Dido's rise to fame.
Ed RendellHoward DeanBill ClintonAl Gore

Question 6: The flip was not discernible on the cover of Dido's first album, ________ (2001), on which her hair was combed back, and by the time of Life for Rent, her hair was longer.
Safe Trip HomeLife for RentDido discographyNo Angel

Question 7: A journalist who interviewed her shortly before the release of her second album, ________ (2003), noted that "for a platinum-selling star she radiates normality ....
No AngelRockferryLife for RentSafe Trip Home

Question 8: Other eponymous styles of the late 20th and early 21st centuries included the "________" and the "Rachel" (after Jennifer Aniston's character in the TV series Friends).
Julie AndrewsBo DerekJohn Derek10 (film)

Question 9: So I don't parade around with a bra top and ________".
VelcroAthletic shoeOverallShorts


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