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Question 1: A more rare form of color blindness is ________, where there exists an inability to perceive short wavelengths, such as blues.
Color blindnessMonochromacyAchromatopsiaRetinitis pigmentosa

Question 2: By comparison, a trichromat requires three pure spectral lights to match all colors in their ________.
Visible spectrumGamma rayX-rayMicrowave

Question 3: ________ is a severe form of red-green color-blindness, where there is impairment in perception of very long wavelengths, such as reds.
Retinitis pigmentosaMonochromacyColor blindnessAchromatopsia

Question 4: ________ is a less severe form of deuteranopia.
Retinitis pigmentosaAchromatopsiaColor blindnessMonochromacy

Question 5: The straightforward exceptions are primates closely related to humans, which are usually trichromats, and sea mammals (both ________ and cetaceans) which are cone monochromats.
RaccoonPinnipedSea otterCarnivora

Question 6: [8] Therefore, a dichromat or a ________ human would be able to distinguish about 10,000 different colors.
Color blindnessMonochromacyRetinitis pigmentosaAchromatopsia

Question 7: Recent research suggests that trichromacy may be widespread among ________.

Question 8: ________ consists of an impairment in perceiving medium wavelengths, such as greens.
Color blindnessMonochromacyAchromatopsiaRetinitis pigmentosa

Question 9: There are various kinds of ________.
Color blindnessAchromatopsiaRetinitis pigmentosaMonochromacy


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