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Diatonic function: Quiz


Question 1: A diatonic function, in tonal ________, is the specific, recognized role of each of the 7 notes and their chords in relation to the (diatonic) key.
Classical musicMusic theoryMusical notationMusical form

Question 2: For example, the twelve bar blues turnaround, I-V-IV-I, considered tonally inadmissible, may be interpreted as a doubled ________, IV/V-V-IV-I (IV/V-I/V, IV/I-I/I).
Chord (music)Chord progressionAndalusian cadenceCadence (music)

Question 3: Pandiatonic music is ________ music without the use of diatonic functions.
Diatonic and chromaticChord (music)SemitoneInterval (music)


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