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Diatom: Quiz


Question 1: [7] Usually ________, some species of diatoms can reach up to 2 millimetres in length.
CuvetteEudiometerAgar plateMicroscope

Question 2: [44] It has also been proposed that diatoms could be used as a component of solar cells, by substituting photosensitive ________ for the silicon dioxide normally used in the creation of cell walls.
4-Methylbenzylidene camphorZinc oxideTitanium dioxideTitanium tetrachloride

Question 3: Diatom cells are contained within a unique silicate (silicic acid) ________ comprising two separate valves (or shells).
ChloroplastBacteriaCell envelopeCell wall

Question 4:
What classis does Diatom belong to?

Question 5: Marine diatoms can be collected by direct water sampling, though benthic forms can be secured by scraping ________, oyster shells, and other shells.

Question 6: Diatoms belong to a large group called the ________, including both autotrophs (e.g.

Question 7: Using an appropriate artificial selection procedure, diatoms that produce valves of particular shapes and sizes could be evolved in the laboratory, and then used in ________ cultures to mass produce nanoscale components.
Agar plateCondenser (laboratory)ChemostatTurbidostat

Question 8: Sinking out of the upper mixed layer removes diatoms from conditions unfavourable to growth, including grazer populations and higher temperatures (which would otherwise increase cell ________).
3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyaseMetabolismLipid metabolismAmino acid

Question 9: [28] The expansion of grassland biomes and the evolutionary radiation of grasses during the ________ is believed to have increased the flux of soluble silicon to the oceans, and it has been argued that this has promoted the diatoms during the Cenozoic era.
PlioceneLanghianMioceneGeologic time scale

Question 10: [2][3][4] Diatoms are a widespread group and can be found in the oceans, in ________, in soils and on damp surfaces.
EarthWater resourcesFreshwaterLake


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