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Diapause: Quiz


Question 1: This generates high levels of glycogen in the eggs, which is converted into the polyhydric alcohols ________ and sorbitol.
Ethylene glycolEthanolGlucoseGlycerol

Question 2: They can also serve to reduce water loss, as seen in the fungus ________, Stenotarsus rotundus, which forms aggregations of up to 70,000 individuals, which may be eight beetles deep.

Question 3: ________ is increased within the aggregations and beetles experience less water loss, probably due to decreased surface area to volume ratios reducing evaporative water loss.
Heat indexDew pointRelative humidityWater vapor

Question 4: [3] Sensitivity to certain stimuli which act to prevent termination of diapause, such as photoperiod and ________, is increased.
Thermodynamic temperatureTemperatureWater vaporLightning

Question 5: In the bean bug, Riptortus pedestris, clusters of ________ on the protocerebrum called the pars lateralis maintain reproductive diapause by inhibiting JH production by the corpora allata.
NeuronNervous systemGlial cellPhotoreceptor cell

Question 6: Composition of the cuticle may be altered by changing ________ composition and by adding lipids to reduce water loss making the organism resistant to dessication.

Question 7: Also, predators and ________ may still be abundant during the diapause period.
CatDirofilaria immitisToxoplasmosisParasitism

Question 8: In the ________, Schistocerca gregaria, a plant hormone called giberellin stimulates reproductive development.
AlgeriaDesert locustBurkina FasoMorocco

Question 9: In cases where the ________ remains active, feeding is reduced and reproductive development is slowed or halted.

Question 10: During the maintenance phase, ________ experience lowered metabolism and developmental arrest is maintained.


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