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Diamond cubic: Quiz


Question 1: The diamond cubic ________ is a repeating pattern that atoms may adopt as certain materials solidify.
CrystallographyCrystal structureMiller indexCrystal growth

Question 2: Many compound semiconductors such as ________, β-silicon carbide and indium antimonide adopt the analogous zinc blende structure, where each atom has nearest neighbors of an unlike element.
Gallium nitrideGallium arsenideGallium phosphideGallium antimonide

Question 3: While the first known example was ________, other elements in group IV also adopt this structure, including tin, the semiconductors silicon and germanium, and silicon/germanium alloys in any proportion.

Question 4: Diamond cubic is in the Fd3m ________, which follows the face-centered cubic bravais lattice.
Monoclinic crystal systemCrystal structureGroup (mathematics)Space group


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