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Question 1: In the 19th Century, the Tsarist Government of ________ claimed that Ukrainian was merely a dialect of Russian and not a language in its own right.
RussiaUnited StatesMoscowRussian culture

Question 2: [2] A dialect that is associated with a particular social class can be termed a sociolect; a regional dialect may be termed a ________ or topolect.
English languageDialectGerman languageDialect continuum

Question 3: Often, the standard language is close to the sociolect of the ________ class.
Social classRacismEliteElitism

Question 4: An example of this is ________, which was considered the proper way to speak in northern India, but only accessible by the upper class, and Prakrit which was the common (and informal or vernacular) speech at the time.

Question 5: The term dialect (from the ________ word dialektos, Διάλεκτος) is used in two distinct ways, even by linguists.
Greek diasporaGreeksGreeceGreek language

Question 6: The article "________" has more details.
Chinese languageCantonese (Yue)Spoken ChineseVarieties of Chinese

Question 7: For example, Standard ________, Standard Indian English, Standard Australian English, and Standard Philippine English may all be said to be standard dialects of the English language.
AlaskaAmerican EnglishCanadian EnglishUnited States

Question 8: ________, the traditional native Romance language of Nice, known in French as Niçard.
NiçardItalian languageOccitan languageLigurian language (Romance)

Question 9: One language, ________, was developed so that the languages of Western civilization would act as its dialects.
InterlinguaEsperantoLingua Franca NovaIdo

Question 10: A dialect is distinguished by its vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation (________, including prosody).
PhonologyInternational Phonetic AlphabetEnglish phonologyIrish phonology


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