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Question 1: ________ – Structured Systems Analysis and Design Methodology (used in software engineering)
Rapid application developmentDynamic Systems Development MethodStructured Systems Analysis and Design MethodStructured analysis

Question 2: Sentence diagram -- represents the grammatical structure of a ________ sentence.
PerceptionAntónio DamásioThoughtNatural language

Question 3: A diagram is a two-dimensional geometric symbolic representation of ________ according to some visualization technique.
Artificial intelligenceInformationElectrical engineeringSystems engineering

Question 4: Process flow diagram or PFD – used in ________
Environmental Engineering ScienceChemical engineeringCivil engineeringMaterials science

Question 5: UML diagram – Unified Modeling Language (used in ________)
Software designSystems engineeringComputer programmingSoftware engineering

Question 6: ________ – used for learning, brainstorming, memory, visual thinking and problem solving
Concept mapThoughtMind mapGeneral semantics

Question 7: A diagram is a 2D geometric symbolic representation of ________ according to some visualization technique.
Electrical engineeringSystems engineeringArtificial intelligenceInformation

Question 8: Gantt chart – shows the timing of tasks or activities (used in ________)
Requirements analysisSystems engineeringProject managementFunction model

Question 9: Goodman diagram - shows the fatigue data (examlpe: for a ________ blades)
Unconventional wind turbinesWind turbineWind powerWindmill

Question 10: ________ are used for state machines in software engineering
Activity diagramState diagramUnified Modeling LanguageUML state machine


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