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Diabetic nephropathy: Quiz


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Question 1: The disease is progressive and may cause ________ two or three years after the initial lesions, and is more frequent in men.
Death and cultureDeathBurialImmortality

Question 2: It is due to longstanding ________, and is a prime indication for dialysis in many Western countries.
Diabetes mellitus type 1Diabetes mellitusDiabetic ketoacidosisDiabetic retinopathy

Question 3: Urinary tract and other infections are common and can be treated with appropriate ________.
Nucleic acid inhibitorATC code J01AntibioticAntibiotic misuse

Question 4: ________: swelling, usually around the eyes in the mornings; later, general body swelling may result, such as swelling of the legs

Question 5: At this stage, a kidney ________ clearly shows diabetic nephropathy.

Question 6: ________ may be necessary once end-stage renal disease develops.
DialysisKidney transplantationICD-9-CM Volume 3Surgery

Question 7: The syndrome can be seen in patients with chronic ________ (usually less than 15 years after onset), so patients are usually of older age (between 50 and 70 years old).
Diabetic ketoacidosisDiabetes mellitusDiabetic retinopathyDiabetes mellitus type 1

Question 8: At this stage, the kidney may start allowing more serum albumin (plasma protein) than normal in the ________ (albuminuria), and this can be detected by sensitive medical tests for albumin.

Question 9: The urinalysis may also show ________ in the urine, especially if blood glucose is poorly controlled.

Question 10: It is characterized by ________ and diffuse glomerulosclerosis.
Focal segmental glomerulosclerosisRenal tubular acidosisNephrotic syndromeChronic kidney disease

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