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Diabetic ketoacidosis: Quiz


Question 1: High glucose levels spill over into the urine, taking water and solutes (such as sodium and ________) along with it in a process known as osmotic diuresis.

Question 2: ________ (low blood potassium concentration) often follows treatment.
Diabetic ketoacidosisHyperkalemiaHypokalemiaRenal tubular acidosis

Question 3: [1][4] Ketones, too, participate in osmotic diuresis and lead to further ________ losses.
IonFuel cellHalf cellElectrolyte

Question 4: obesity, strong ________); this is more common in African, African-American and Hispanic people.
GenealogyFamily historyFamily treeBaptism

Question 5: This situation requires ICU admission, monitoring of the central venous pressure (which requires the insertion of a ________ in a large upper body vein), and the administration of medication that increases the heart pumping action and blood pressure.
Pulmonary artery catheterSepsisCentral venous catheterAcute respiratory distress syndrome

Question 6: The absence of insulin also leads to the release of free fatty acids from ________; these are converted, again in the liver, into ketone bodies (acetoacetate and β-hydroxybutyrate).
Brown adipose tissueAdipocyteCollagenAdipose tissue

Question 7: The clinical state of DKA is associated, in addition to the above, with the release of various hormones such as glucagon and ________ as well as cytokines, the latter of which leads to increased markers of inflammation, even in the absence of infection.

Question 8: In addition to the above, blood samples are usually taken to measure ________ and creatinine (measures of kidney function, which may be impaired in DKA as a result of dehydration) and electrolytes.

Question 9: Cerebral edema, if associated with coma, often necessitates admission to intensive care, ________, and close observation.
IntubationMechanical ventilationCardiopulmonary resuscitationArtificial respiration

Question 10: ________, dehydration, deep gasping breathing, confusion and occasionally coma are typical symptoms.
Abdominal painNauseaDiarrheaVomiting


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