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Question 1: Injection is the most common method of administering insulin; insulin pumps and ________ has been available at various times.
Insulin therapyInhalable insulinAnti-diabetic drugRosiglitazone

Question 2: Type 1 diabetes is a ________ disease, meaning many different genes contribute to its expression.
HeredityQuantitative trait locusGeneticsDNA

Question 3: This Th1-Th2 shift occurs via a change in the type of ________ signaling molecules being released by regulatory T-cells.

Question 4: Zanosar is the trade name for streptozotocin, an ________ and antineoplastic agent used in chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer; it also kills beta cells, resulting in loss of insulin production.
AntibioticNucleic acid inhibitorATC code J01Antibiotic misuse

Question 5: Type 1 can be distinguished from type 2 diabetes via a ________ assay, which measures endogenous insulin production.
Glycated hemoglobinC-peptideBilirubinC-reactive protein

Question 6: The ________ will attack the cells as it would a bacterial infection or a skin graft.
Immune systemAdaptive immune systemLymphatic systemToll-like receptor

Question 7: ________, or TNF-α, is part of the immune system.
Tumor necrosis factor-alphaCD70B-cell activating factorFas ligand

Question 8: A more recent trend, from several suppliers, is ________ which are slightly modified insulins which have different onset of action times or duration of action times.
Insulin aspartInsulin analogAnti-diabetic drugInsulin therapy

Question 9: The ________ funds some work on type 1 but devotes much of its resources to type 2 diabetes due to the increasing prevalence of the type 2 version.
Washington, D.C.African AmericanUnited StatesAmerican Diabetes Association

Question 10: Pancreas transplants are generally performed together with or some time after a ________ transplant.
KidneyLiverUrinary systemEndocrine system


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