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Dhikr: Quiz


Question 1: The hadrah section consists of the ________-like repetition of the name of God over which the soloist performs a richly ornamented song.

Question 2: A group dhikr ceremony in ________ countries is usually called the hadrah.
Arab peopleIraqPalestinian peopleSyria

Question 3: The hadrah is directed by a shaykh of the ________ or one of his representatives; monitoring the intensity, depth and duration of the phases of the hadrah, the shaykh aims to draw the circle into deep awareness of God.

Question 4: Followers of ________ engage in ritualized dhikr ceremonies, the details of which are the primary difference between Sufi orders or tariqah.
Moinuddin ChishtiMourideSufismNaqshbandi

Question 5: Many claim that the usage of the fingers to count is better as that is what was practiced by ________.


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