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Dhi Qar Governorate: Quiz


Question 1: Dhi Qar was the site of the ancient civilization of Sumer and the ruins of Ur, ________, Lagash and Ngirsu are present here.

Question 2: The province achieved Provincial Iraqi Control on September 21, 2006 from Italian forces, in a ceremony presided by Prime Minister ________.
Saddam HusseinPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–presentIraqi insurgencyNouri al-Maliki

Question 3: Dhi Qar (Arabic: ذي قار‎) is a province in southern ________.

Question 4: Dhi Qar was the second Iraqi province to be handed over to the ________, the first being Al Muthanna.
Iraqi ArmyIraqi security forcesIraqi insurgencyPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–present


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