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Question 1: [7] This allowed Robertson to focus on the ________, which he won a total of five times.
Dick MurdochTully BlanchardNWA Central States Tag Team ChampionshipGreat Kabuki

Question 2: After that, Robertson formed a tag team called "The Crusaders" with ________.
Fritz Von ErichJack BriscoBilly Red LyonsGene Kiniski

Question 3: NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with George Wells (1) and ________ (1)[6]
Ric FlairJohnny WeaverRicky SteamboatBarry Windham

Question 4: ________ (5 times) – with Rufus R. Jones (1), Steve Regal (2), Hercules Hernandez (2)[8]
Dick MurdochGreat KabukiNWA Central States Tag Team ChampionshipTully Blanchard

Question 5: [10] In September 1985, Heenan traded The Missing Link and ________ to manager Jimmy Hart in exchange for King Kong Bundy.
Stone Cold Steve AustinRoddy PiperAdrian AdonisHulk Hogan

Question 6: He won the ________ by teaming with George Wells to defeat The Sheepherders on December 12, 1980.
Ric FlairGreg ValentineNWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team ChampionshipRicky Steamboat

Question 7: On July 24, in Buffalo, New York, he lost to ________ by countout.
Bruno SammartinoRandy SavageLeo NomelliniBilly Martin

Question 8: [6] Robertson regained the championship later that year, however, by teaming with ________ to take the belts from Tenryu and Fuji.
Ricky SteamboatBarry WindhamRic FlairJohnny Weaver

Question 9: His gimmick was similar to that of ________ and Kamala, a crazy out-of-control wild man that needed a trainer or manager to lead him to the ring.
Ric FlairHulk HoganBret HartGeorge Steele

Question 10: [2] In 2006, his ________ Bang Your Head: The Real Story of The Missing Link was published by ECW Press.
Persian languageJean-Jacques RousseauRhetoricAutobiography

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