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Question 1: The county town is the cathedral city of ________ and the county contains two independent unitary authorities: the port city of Plymouth and the Torbay conurbation of seaside resorts, in addition to Devon County Council itself.
BristolExeterEast DevonSouth Hams

Question 2: ________, former Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City professional footballer was born and brought up in Plymouth.
Steve BruceNeil WarnockTerry VenablesTrevor Francis

Question 3:
What is the motto of Devon?
Auxilio divino
Enter to learn, leave to serve.
Serving Man
Home of the Blue Devils

Question 4:
Which of these places is north of Devon?
Bristol Channel
, Saint-Laurent
Nikaia, Korydallos, and Agia Varvara
Scott County and Lane County

Question 5:
What role did Devon play in the videomovie Devon Stripped?

Question 6: In 1549, the ________ caused the deaths of thousands of people from Devon and Cornwall.
SaltashGlasney CollegePrayer Book RebellionCornish language

Question 7: Devon gave its name to a geological era: the Devonian era, so named by ________ because the distinctive Old Red Sandstone of Exmoor was studied by geologists here.
Charles LyellAdam SedgwickThomas Henry HuxleyWilliam Whewell

Question 8: ________, Leicester Tigers and British Lions Rugby player Julian White MBE was born and raised in Devon and now farms a herd of pedigree South Devon Beef.
ScotlandWalesUnited KingdomEngland

Question 9:
Which of the following titles did Devon have?
Neighbouring municipalities of Mondariz
Neighbouring counties
Neighbouring areas of Bexleyheath

Question 10: There are four ________ teams in Devon.
FootballAmerican footballRugby footballRugby league

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