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Development of the Old Testament canon: Quiz


Question 1: In 331, ________ commissioned Eusebius to deliver fifty Bibles for the Church of Constantinople.
MaximianConstantine IMaxentiusDiocletian

Question 2: The Old Testament is the first section of the two-part Christian ________, which includes the books of the Hebrew Bible as well as several Deuterocanonical books.
Nevi'imChristian biblical canonsBiblical canonAnti-Judaism

Question 3: [1] As a result Orthodox Christians, Catholics and Protestants use different canons which differ with respect to the texts which are included in the Old Testament and with respect to the Antilegomena of the ________.
GospelBiblical canonJesusNew Testament

Question 4: Protestant translations of the Hebrew Bible often include other texts, such as the ________.
Old TestamentNew TestamentBiblical apocryphaSeptuagint

Question 5: The basis for these books is found in the early ________ Septuagint translation of the Jewish Scriptures.
Greek languageAncient GreekAncient Greek dialectsKoine Greek

Question 6: The Greek Orthodox generally consider the ________ to be divinely inspired.
Biblical apocryphaNew TestamentOld TestamentSeptuagint

Question 7: The traditional explanation of the development of the Old Testament canon describes two sets of Old Testament books, the protocanonical and the ________.
Biblical apocryphaDeuterocanonical booksNew TestamentBiblical canon

Question 8: ________, Biblical Aramaic and Koine Greek) rather than upon Jerome's translation into Latin.
Biblical HebrewHebrew languageSamaritan Hebrew languageMishnaic Hebrew

Question 9: Everett Ferguson in chapter 18 of The Canon Debate quotes ________'s De praescriptione haereticorum 30:
DidacheCatholic ChurchTertullianPeter Abelard

Question 10: 393 at the Synod of Hippo, the Septuagint was canonized, largely because of the influence of ________.
Anselm of CanterburyThomas AquinasAugustine of HippoBlaise Pascal


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