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Question 1: The ________ cognate of Vedic devá- is daēva (daēuua), which has a pejorative connotation.
Pashto languageKurdish languageTajik languageAvestan language

Question 2: It can be variously interpreted as a god, angel, demigod, or any supernatural being of high excellence, and is thus comparable to the Hebrew ________.

Question 3: The ________ distinguish between the celestial gods from the Divine forms of God.
UpanishadsRigvedaBhagavad GitaVedas

Question 4: The main Devas addressed in the Rig Veda are Varuna, Mitra and ________.

Question 5: Thus the Devas are stated to be subordinate to ________, or God.
KrishnaAvatarVishnu sahasranamaVishnu

Question 6: The ________ (who often translate deva as "demigod") cite various verses that speak of the devas' subordinate status.
VaishnavismKrishnaHinduismBhagavad Gita

Question 7: [citation needed] The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says there are 33 devas in the celestial world, in terms of performance of ________.
ŚrautaHinduismYajnaHistorical Vedic religion

Question 8: The feminine form of PIE *deiwos is PIE *deiwih2, which descends into Indic languages as ________, in that context meaning "goddess".

Question 9: Agni (fire) and ________ represent modes of fire-sacrifice, called yagna, but personified are also seen as Devas.

Question 10: God (see Ishvara) or ________ (the Supreme Spirit) is the ultimate controller.
MysticismMonotheismBrahmanĀstika and nāstika


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