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Question 1: [13] Jews were exempt from this service and until recently ________ were thought to have been exempt also.
Armenian diasporaArmenian languageArmeniansArmenian Apostolic Church

Question 2: The practice as to ________ soldiers[21][22] was motivated by the desire to create an elite class of warriors loyal only to the Sultan, rather than to individual Ottoman nobles.
Suleiman the MagnificentOttoman EmpireJanissaryOttoman Navy

Question 3: Tavernier noted in 1678 that the ________ looked more like a religious order than a military corps.
JanissaryOttoman NavySuleiman the MagnificentOttoman Empire

Question 4: The Janissary corps was officially abolished by Sultan ________ in 1826 with the Auspicious Incident.
AbdülazizOttoman EmpireAbdülmecid IMahmud II

Question 5: [13] ________ wrote that the "Ottoman Janissaries were Slavic and Balkanic origin, mostly Albanian."[18]
AntisemitismEdward SaidOriental studiesBernard Lewis


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