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Deutsche Reichsbahn: Quiz


Question 1: The production, conversion and development of ________ initially continued in earnest; older, especially ex-Länderbahn classes being rationalised and withdrawn from service.
Steam locomotive4-6-44-8-44-6-2

Question 2: And therefore, the basic key — price controlled key — was that Jews were going to be shipped to Treblinka, were going to be shipped to ________, Sobibor …so long as the railroads were paid by the track kilometer, so many pfennigs per mile.
Treblinka extermination campAction T4Auschwitz concentration campOperation Reinhard

Question 3: The Soviet zone of occupation became a self-declared socialist state, the ________ (commonly known as East Germany), on 7 October 1949.
Soviet UnionEast GermanyCommunist RomaniaCommunist state

Question 4: ________, including the former Palatinate Railway
Bavarian Eastern Railway CompanyDeutsche ReichsbahnRoyal Bavarian State RailwaysRoyal Württemberg State Railways

Question 5: One month prior, on 7 September 1949, the railway systems in the three western zones (the ________), were reunified and renamed the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB - German Federal Railways).

Question 6: To emphasize this, swastikas were added to the ________ symbol (the eagle, Germany's traditional symbols of national sovereignty) on the railcars, and the initials DR were held to stand for "Deutsches Reich," although this was legally ambiguous.
Coat of arms of SpainOrigin of the coats of arms of German federal statesCoat of arms of PolandCoat of arms of Germany

Question 7: The following is an excerpt from the testimony of Holocaust scholar ________:
Raul HilbergAdolf HitlerHolocaust denialThe Holocaust

Question 8: Initially the two railway administrations continued to operate separately, but in 1994 they were merged to form the new ________.

Question 9: ________
Royal Württemberg State RailwaysBlack Forest Railway (Baden)Grand Duchy of Baden State RailwayDanube Valley Railway (Baden-Württemberg)

Question 10: The Deutsche Reichsbahn ("German Reich Railway") – was the name of the German national railway created from the railways of the individual states of the ________ following the end of World War I.
Holy Roman EmpireGerman colonial empireGerman EmpireAustria–Hungary


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