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Deuterocanonical books: Quiz


Question 1: The Deuterocanonical books are considered canonical by ________, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox, but are considered non-canonical by Protestants.
PopePope Gregory IPope John Paul IICatholic Church

Question 2: When the ________ listed the books included in the canon, it qualified the books as being "entire with all their parts, as they have been used to be read in the Catholic Church, and as they are contained in the old Latin vulgate edition".
First Council of NicaeaCatholic Ecumenical CouncilsCouncil of ChalcedonCouncil of Trent

Question 3: The Apocalypse of John (also known as the ________)
New Testament2 EsdrasBook of RevelationBook of Daniel

Question 4: It is commonly said that Judaism officially excluded the deuterocanonicals and the additional Greek texts listed here from their Scripture in the ________ (c.70-90 AD), but this claim is also disputed.
Development of the Jewish Bible canonCouncil of JamniaBiblical canonBible

Question 5: Fragments of three deuterocanical books have been found among the ________ found at Qumran.
PesherEssenesTanakh at QumranDead Sea scrolls

Question 6: Sirach, also called Ben Sira or ________
SirachPsalmsDeuterocanonical booksOld Testament

Question 7: Sirach, whose ________ text was already known from the Cairo Geniza, has been found in two scrolls (2QSir or 2Q18, 11QPs_a or 11Q5) in Hebrew.
Biblical HebrewMishnaic HebrewSamaritan Hebrew languageHebrew language

Question 8: Additions to Esther (Vulgate ________ 10:4-16:24[14])
Job (Biblical figure)MordecaiEstherDaniel

Question 9: [17] However, Jerome's ________ did include the deuterocanonical books as well as apocrypha.
Catholic ChurchVulgateChristian monasticismPope Gregory I

Question 10: Deuterocanonical books is a term used since the sixteenth century in the ________ and Eastern Christianity to describe certain books and passages of the Christian Old Testament that are not part of the Hebrew Bible.
Pope John Paul IIPope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope


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