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Deuterium: Quiz


Question 1: The measured value of the deuterium ________, is 0.857 μN.
Maxwell's equationsMagnetic fieldMagnetismMagnetic moment

Question 2: The two stable isotopes of hydrogen can also be distinguished by using ________.
Mass spectrometryChromatographyAutopsyEnzyme assay

Question 3: Thus, the existence of deuterium at a low but constant fraction in all hydrogen, is one of the arguments in favor of the ________ theory over the steady state theory of the universe.
Inflation (cosmology)Non-standard cosmologyBig BangPhysical cosmology

Question 4: Bonds involving deuterium and tritium are somewhat stronger than the corresponding bonds in hydrogen, and these differences are enough to make significant changes in biological reactions (see ________).
Heavy waterPlutoniumNuclear reactor technologyUranium

Question 5: ________ organisms, however, can survive and grow in pure heavy water (though they grow more slowly).
ProkaryoteCyanobacteriaBacteriaGram-positive bacteria

Question 6: The proton and neutron making up deuterium can be dissociated through neutral current interactions with ________.

Question 7: (now the ________).
Bureau of Industry and SecurityNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyNational Technical Information ServiceNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Question 8: In ________ and metabolic pathways, deuterium behaves similarly to ordinary hydrogen, but it can be distinguished from ordinary hydrogen by its mass, using mass spectrometry or infrared spectrometry.
NitrogenChemical reactionChemistryChemical substance

Question 9: Since it is an isotope of ________ with mass number 2, it is also represented by 2H.

Question 10: Isospin is an ________ symmetry, like ordinary spin, so is completely analogous to it.
Lorentz groupOrthogonal groupGeneral linear groupSpecial unitary group


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