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Question 1: For example, in Swedish bok "book", when definite, becomes boken "the book" (suffixed definite articles are common in ________).
West Germanic languagesOld NorseGermanic languagesNorth Germanic languages

Question 2: This function is usually performed by articles, ________, possessive determiners, or quantifiers.
Preposition and postpositionAdverbDemonstrativeCopula (linguistics)

Question 3: Determiner functions are sometimes realized morphologically as ________ on the noun, or by changing the noun's form.
SimulfixInflectionAffixHalkomelem language

Question 4: This word class, or ________, exists in many languages, including English, though most English dictionaries still classify determiners under other parts of speech.
Preposition and postpositionClassifier (linguistics)Lexical categoryGrammatical particle

Question 5: In English, and in many other Indo-European languages, determiners are either independent words or ________ that precede the rest of the noun phrase.
CliticSwedish languageInflectionPreposition and postposition

Question 6: Pronouns may occur in ________.
Copula (linguistics)Interrogative wordGoidelic languagesTag question

Question 7: Determiners usually include articles, and may include items like ________, possessive determiners, quantifiers, and cardinal numbers, depending on the language.
Preposition and postpositionAdverbCopula (linguistics)Demonstrative

Question 8: A determiner is a noun-modifier that expresses the reference of a noun or noun-phrase in the context, including quantity, rather than attributes expressed by ________.
AdverbVerbAdjectivePreposition and postposition

Question 9: Definite-article suffixes are also found in the other ________, in Romanian, Macedonian and in Bulgarian.
Danish languageWest Germanic languagesOld NorseNorth Germanic languages

Question 10: Traditional English grammar does not include determiners and calls most determiners ________.
AdverbAdjectivePreposition and postpositionNoun


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