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Question 1: ________: Elegy: Collects #854-860, hardcover, ISBN 1-4012-2692-2
Joker (comics)BatmanBatwomanBarbara Gordon

Question 2:
What company publishes Detective Comics?
Detective Comics, Inc.
Dark Horse Comics, working with DC Comics
Image Comics, Oni Press
I: Comely Comix/CKR, II: Semple Comics, III: Comely Comics/Hot Hail Comics

Question 3:
Which of the following titles did Detective Comics have?
Malt Liquor Tastes Better When You've Got Problems
Popular vote
Detective Comics

Question 4:
When was the Detective Comics?
March 1937 - present

Question 5: A single writer handled both books during that time beginning with Gerry Conway and followed up by ________.
BatmanEagle Award (comics)Paul GulacyDoug Moench

Question 6: Detective Comics is an ________ published monthly by DC Comics since 1937, best-known for introducing the iconic superhero Batman.
Marvel ComicsStan LeeGraphic novelAmerican comic book

Question 7: Wheeler-Nicholson took Donenfeld on as a partner in order to publish Detective Comics #1 through the newly formed Detective Comics, Inc., with Wheeler-Nicholson and Jack S. Liebowitz, Donenfeld's ________, listed as owners.
AccountantChartered AccountantCertified Public AccountantManagement accounting

Question 8: In 1937, however, Wheeler-Nicholson was in debt to printing-plant owner and magazine distributor Harry Donenfeld, who was as well a pulp-magazine ________ and a principal in the magazine distributorship Independent News.
Mass mediaProofreadingEditingPublishing

Question 9: It is, along with ________, the book that launched with the debut of Superman, one of the medium's signature series, and the source of its company's name.
Action ComicsSuperman/BatmanDC Comics PresentsSuperman (comic book)

Question 10: His second effort, New Comics #1, would be retitled twice to become ________, another seminal series that ran for decades until issue #503 in 1983.
SupermanAdventure ComicsSuperboy (Kal-El)Superboy (Kon-El)

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