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Question 1: They are transmembrane proteins that bridge the space between adjacent ________ by way of homophilic binding of their extracellular domains to other desmosomal cadherins on the adjacent cell.
EpitheliumMicrovillusStratified squamous epitheliumHistology

Question 2: If the connecting adjacent epithelial cells of the ________ are not functioning correctly, layers of the skin can pull apart and allow abnormal movements of fluid within the skin, resulting in blisters and other tissue damage.
Human skinSkinTanningLeather

Question 3: The cell adhesion proteins of the desmosome, desmoglein and desmocollin, are members of the ________ family of cell adhesion molecules.

Question 4: Desmosomes are molecular complexes of cell adhesion proteins and linking proteins that attach the cell surface adhesion proteins to intracellular ________ cytoskeletal filaments.
CollagenCollagen, type I, alpha 1KeratinKeratin 6A

Question 5: [1] The Outer Dense Plaque is where the cytoplasmic domains of the cadherins attach to ________ via plakoglobin and plakophillin.

Question 6: Rather than using ________, hemidesmosomes use integrin cell adhesion proteins.

Question 7: The Inner Dense Plaque is where ________ attaches to the intermediate filaments of the cell.

Question 8: Rather than linking two cells, hemidesmosomes attach one cell to the ________.
HistologyCollagenExtracellular matrixElastic fiber

Question 9: Blistering diseases such as Pemphigus Vulgaris can be due to ________ defects in desmosomal proteins.


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