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Question 1: Although they hoped that the French would release plans for their Dunkerque class of '________', they decided to focus their effort on Hitler's Germany.
BattlecruiserQueen Elizabeth class battleshipIndefatigable class battlecruiserFast battleship

Question 2: The Japanese invasion of Manchuria in 1931 marked a period of increasing belligerence from the ________, and as the decade progressed the Dutch grew concerned about the security of their East Indies colonies.
Imperial Japanese ArmyShōwa periodEmpire of JapanImperial Japanese Navy

Question 3: 15,000 tons of steel for the construction of a floating ________, to be delivered during 1942
United States NavySubmarineMaineDrydock

Question 4: These factors forced the Koninklijke Marine to bolster this force, and so the construction of three "super cruisers" capable of overpowering cruisers of the ________ was contemplated.
Meiji periodImperial Japanese ArmyShōwa periodImperial Japanese Navy

Question 5: Design 1047, also known as Project 1047,[8] was a series of plans for a class of Dutch ________ prior to the Second World War.
BattlecruiserInvincible class battlecruiserDreadnoughtBattleship

Question 6: As such, the 1047s were shaped by the need to be able to fight their way though an escort screen composed of cruisers and ________.
DestroyerFletcher class destroyerTribal class destroyer (1936)V and W class destroyer


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