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Question 1: The vertical letter N, as preposition, or determinative in the ________
Egyptian languageAfroasiatic languagesArabic languageBerber languages

Question 2: The original letter "n" in ________ hieroglyphs, was the horizontal water ripple, N-water ripple (n hieroglyph).
Arabic languageAfroasiatic languagesBerber languagesEgyptian language

Question 3: ________, reeds, cloth, and leather have been suggested, but this is purely speculative.

Question 4: Vertical N, with Reed: ________ hieroglyphs, "behold!"
Afroasiatic languagesBerber languagesArabic languageEgyptian language

Question 5: The original language "n" hieroglyph from the Predynastic Period, and the ________ was the horizontal letter n, (N-water ripple (n hieroglyph)).
New KingdomOld KingdomPredynastic EgyptEgypt (Roman province)

Question 6: Ramesside Period ________, pharaoh wearing Red Crown
LachishBiblical archaeologyOstraconSamaria

Question 7: In mythology, the earth deity Geb, original ruler of Egypt, invested ________ with the rule over Lower Egypt.
OsirisHorusSet (mythology)Apis (Egyptian mythology)

Question 8: The Red Crown in ________ hieroglyphs eventually was used as the vertical letter 'n' .
Egyptian languageArabic languageAfroasiatic languagesBerber languages

Question 9: An early example is the depiction of the victorious pharaoh of the South wearing the deshret on the ________.
Narmer PalettePredynastic EgyptLibyan PaletteNekhen

Question 10: [2]
Other deities wore the deshret too, or were identified with it, such as the protective serpent goddess Wadjet and the creator-goddess of Sais, ________, who often is shown wearing the Red Crown.
IsisSet (mythology)NeithEgyptian pantheon


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