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Deserts and xeric shrublands: Quiz


Question 1: Plants adapted to arid climates are called xerophytes, and include ________, geophytes, sclerophyll, and annual plants.
AsclepiadoideaeAizoaceaeCrassulacean acid metabolismSucculent plant

Question 2: Animals, including insects, reptiles, ________, birds and mammals, are frequently nocturnal to avoid moisture loss.

Question 3: ________ and animals in deserts and xeric shrublands are adapted to low moisture conditions.
ArchaeplastidaFungusRed algaePlant

Question 4: Hyperarid regions are mostly devoid of vegetation and animal life, and include rocky deserts and ________.
DuneDrainage basinSediment transportOxbow lake

Question 5: Vegetation in arid climate regions can include sparse ________, shrublands, and woodlands.

Question 6: Desert ________ tend to be sandy or rocky, and low in organic materials.
LandslideSoilClayWater well

Question 7: Deserts and xeric shrublands occur in tropical, ________, and temperate climate regions.
São PauloHumid subtropical climateSubtropicsLos Angeles

Question 8: ________ and xeric shrublands is a biome characterized by, relating to, or requiring only a small amount of moisture.
SaharaAtacama DesertDesertAntarctica


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