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Descent 3: Quiz


Question 1: ________ – the second game in the Descent series
Descent: FreeSpace – The Great WarDescent 3Descent IIDescent (video game)

Question 2: Descent 3 is the third game in the line of Descent computer games, well known for the use of six degrees of freedom and true ________ technology.
3D rendering3D modeling3D computer graphics software3D computer graphics

Question 3: The opening cutscene to the game shows the Material Defender's ship drifting into the ________.
SunEarthSolar SystemStar

Question 4: Previously in ________, Material Defender 1032 had narrowly escaped the destruction of an alien planetoid he was investigating on orders of the megacorporation Post Terran Mining Corporation (PTMC).
Descent (video game)Descent 3Descent IIDescent: FreeSpace – The Great War

Question 5: According to her, the virus was extremely advanced ________.
NanotoxicologyNanoelectronicsNanotechnologyDNA nanotechnology

Question 6: ________ – the first game in the Descent series
Doom (video game)Descent IIDescent 3Descent (video game)

Question 7: Service Pack 3 or greater (for ________)
OS/2Microsoft WindowsWindows NTWindows 9x

Question 8: The director also tells the Material Defender that while he was clearing the PTMC's mines of a ________, the PTMC were actually testing and modifying it.
MalwareComputer virusMicrosoft WindowsInternet Explorer

Question 9: He was about to return to ________ to collect his reward, but without warning, a malfunction occurred with the prototype warp drive in the ship he was flying.

Question 10: In addition, the robots have an improved ________ over the robots in Descent and Descent II, capable of dodging weapon fire, leading, working in teams and calling for backup if outgunned or outnumbered.
René DescartesArtificial intelligenceDaniel DennettKarl Popper


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