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Derg: Quiz


Question 1: In July the Derg obtained key concessions from the Emperor, ________.
Muammar al-GaddafiWinston ChurchillHaile Selassie I of EthiopiaDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 2: The Derg (________:ደርግ) or Dergue was a communist military junta that came to power in Ethiopia following the ousting of Haile Selassie I.
AmharicArabic languageMaltese languageAkkadian language

Question 3: The Coordinating Committee of the Armed Forces, Police, and Territorial Army, or the Derg (Committee), was formed in June 1974 by military officers following widespread ________ in the armed forces of Ethiopia in early 1974.
World War IAmsterdamMutinyUnited Kingdom

Question 4: However, General Aman Andom quarreled with the radical elements in the Derg over the issue of a new military offensive in ________ and the proposal to execute the high officials of the Emperor's former government.

Question 5: The committee elected Major ________ as its chairman and Major Atnafu Abate as its vice-chairman.
Meles ZenawiSiad BarreMuammar al-GaddafiMengistu Haile Mariam


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