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Question 1: The first comprehensive proposal to deregulate a major industry in the United States, transportation, originated in the ________ Administration and was forwarded to Congress in late 1971.
Richard NixonRonald ReaganGeorge H. W. BushGerald Ford

Question 2: Some have argued that this deregulation contributed to the U.S. financial crisis of 2007-2009 and the ________.
Regulatory responses to the subprime crisisFinancial crisis of 2007–2010Subprime mortgage crisisSubprime crisis impact timeline

Question 3: ________ has had extensive deregulation since 1984.
United KingdomNew ZealandAustraliaNauru

Question 4: The movement toward greater reliance on market forces has been closely related to the growth of economic and institutional ________ between about 1950 and 2010.
World Trade OrganizationGlobalizationASEANInternational Monetary Fund

Question 5: Having announced a wide range of deregulatory policies, Labor Prime Minister ________ announced the policy of 'Minimum Effective Regulation' in 1986.
Paul KeatingJohn HowardGough WhitlamBob Hawke

Question 6: One can distinguish between deregulation and ________.
CapitalismKeynesian economicsPrivatizationPrivate finance initiative

Question 7: Derthick, Martha; Quirk, Paul J. (September 1985), The Politics of Deregulation, ________, ISBN 978-0815718178 
Brookings InstitutionProject for the New American CenturyUnited StatesFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 8: The ________ is an example of a deregulatory act whose success has been called into question.
Southwest AirlinesAirline Deregulation ActContinental AirlinesPan American World Airways

Question 9: In addition, there have been regulatory innovations, usually suggested by economists, such as ________.
Carbon footprintExtinction risk from global warmingBiofuelEmissions trading

Question 10: 1980 - ________ PL 96-354
Regulatory Flexibility ActAdministrative law judgeRulemakingAdministrative Procedure Act

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