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Der Sieg des Glaubens: Quiz


Question 1: In less than a year, in June 1934 during the ________, Röhm and several of his lieutenants were executed under Hitler's orders.
Adolf HitlerNight of the Long KnivesNazismNazi Party

Question 2: The ________ appear to have been shot off of a screen projection, but the remainder of the footage appears to be a direct copy of a print.
Billing (filmmaking)Lost (TV series)Opening creditsAvatar (2009 film)

Question 3: Der Sieg des Glaubens at the ________
Amazon.comInternet Movie DatabaseCDNOWBox Office Mojo

Question 4: The film includes Ernst Röhm, head of the Sturmabteilung and, at the time, the second most powerful man within the ________.
Nazi PartyAdolf HitlerNazismSchutzstaffel

Question 5: Her film recounts the Fifth Party Rally of the ________, which occurred in Nuremberg from August 30 to September 3 in 1933.
NazismAdolf HitlerNazi PartySchutzstaffel

Question 6: ________
List of German films 1933–1945Nazi GermanyList of German films 1919–1933Cinema of Germany

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