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Question 1: The customer may or may not be able to pay the funds in the account by ________, internet banking, EFTPOS or other channels depending on those provided by the bank and offered or activated in respect of the account.

Question 2: From an economic standpoint, the bank has essentially created economic money (although obviously not ________).
Indian rupeeEuroLegal tenderPound sterling

Question 3: Fractional-reserve banking
List of banks
Money supply
Open market operationsBank for International SettlementsCentral bankFederal Reserve System

Question 4: Bank deposits may also be insured by a ________ scheme, if applicable.
Value added taxTax rates around the worldTax havenDeposit insurance

Question 5: Savings accounts: Accounts maintained by retail banks that pay ________ but can not be used directly as money (for example, by writing a cheque).
InterestBond (finance)Credit (finance)Debt

Question 6: Stock market bubble
Stock market crash
History of private equity
Keynesian economicsInflationBusiness cycleRecession

Question 7: Credit and ________
Employment contract
Financial planning
Default (finance)Bond (finance)Consumer debtDebt

Question 8: A deposit account is a current account, savings account, or other type of bank account, at a ________ institution that allows money to be deposited and withdrawn by the account holder.
BankCommercial bankInvestment bankingOffshore bank

Question 9: In fact, deposits account for most of the ________ in use today.
Central bankMoney supplyDebtFractional-reserve banking

Question 10: ________: A deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution, for the purpose of securely and quickly providing frequent access to funds on demand, through a variety of different channels.
ChequeTransactional accountAutomated teller machineDebit card


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